Huaizheng Zhang (张怀政)

Ph.D. Student @Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Data Management and Analytics Lab (DMAL), SCSE

Address: Blk N4-B3c-14, DMAL-C2; 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798

E-mail: huaizhen001 [at] [GitHub] [Google Scholar]


I am a final year Ph.D. student at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I am maintaining several open-source projects like [awesome-system-for-machine-learning] on GitHub. I did a six-month internship at ByteDance AI Lab as an AI system research intern. My major research interests include large scale machine learning system, deep multimodal learning, video analysis, etc. I am leading a very exciting project termed [MLModelCI]. If you have an interest in it, please drop me an e-mail.

Selected Papers in Machine Learning System (Serving & MLOps)

- InferBench: Understanding Deep Learning Inference Serving with an Automatic Benchmarking System [arxiv]

  [Preprint] Huaizheng Zhang, Yizheng Huang, Yonggang Wen, Jianxiong Yin, Kyle Guan

- A Serverless Cloud-Fog Platform for DNN-Based Video Analytics with Incremental Learning [Preprint]

  [Work in Progress & Open to collaborate] Huaizheng Zhang, Meng Shen, Yizheng Huang, Yonggang Wen, Yong Luo, Guanyu Gao, Kyle Guan

- ModelCI-e: Enabling Continual Learning in Deep Learning Serving Systems [arxiv]

  [Under Review] Yizheng Huang, Huaizheng Zhang, Yonggang Wen, Peng Sun, Nguyen Binh Duong TA (equal contribution)

- ModelPS: An Interactive and Collaborative Platform for Editing Pre-trained Models at Scale [arxiv]

  [Pretrain@KDD2021] Yuanming Li, Huaizheng Zhang, Shanshan Jiang, Fan Yang, Yonggang Wen, Yong Luo (equal contribution)

- MLModelCI: An Automatic Cloud Platform for Efficient MLaaS [paper] [arxiv] [code]

  [ACMMM, 2020 (OSC)] Huaizheng Zhang, Yuanming Li, Yizheng Huang, Yonggang Wen, Jianxiong Yin, Kyle Guan

- Hysia: Serving DNN-Based Video-to-Retail Applications in Cloud [paper] [arxiv] [code]

  [ACMMM, 2020 (OSC)] Huaizheng Zhang, Yuanming Li, Qiming Ai, Yong Luo, Yonggang Wen, Yichao Jin, Nguyen Binh Duong Ta

Selected Papers in Multimodal Learning & Video Analytics

- Missing Data Imputation for Solar Yield Prediction using Temporal Multi-Modal Variational Auto-Encoder [paper]

  [ACMMM, 2021] Meng Shen, Huaizheng Zhang, Fan Yang, Yixin Cao, Yonggang Wen

- Look, Read and Feel: Benchmarking Ads Understanding with Multimodal Multitask Learning [paper] [code]

  [ACMMM, 2020(Oral)] Huaizheng Zhang, Yong Luo, Qiming Ai, Yonggang Wen, Han Hu

- DeepQoE: A Multimodal Learning Framework for Video Quality of Experience (QoE) Prediction [TMM journal extension] [arxiv, conference] [code]

  [TMM & ICME, 2018 (Oral)] Huaizheng Zhang, Han Hu, Guanyu Gao, Yonggang Wen, Kyle Guan

- Content-Aware Personalised Rate Adaptation for Adaptive Streaming via Deep Video Analysis [paper]

  [ICC, 2019(Oral)] Guanyu Gao, Linsen Dong, Huaizheng Zhang, Yonggang Wen, and Wenjun Zeng.

- Optimizing Quality of Experience for Adaptive Bitrate Streaming via Viewer Interest Inference [TMM]

  [TMM] Guanyu Gao, Huaizheng Zhang, Han Hu, Yonggang Wen, Jianfei Cai, Chong Luo, Wenjun Zeng

Selected Open-source Projects

- Awesome-System-for-Machine-Learning [GitHub]GitHub stars

- Awesome-Deep-Learning-for-Video-Analysis [GitHub]GitHub stars

- Machine Learning Model CI [GitHub]GitHub stars

- Hysia Video to Retail Platform [GitHub]GitHub stars


Review: AAAI 2021, IJCAI 2021, CIKM 2020, ICDM 2020, TMM

TA: RE1016(Edge AI), CX1015 (Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence)

CZ2002 (Object-Oriented Design & Programming), CZ3002 (Project Management)


I closely work with

Yizheng Huang, Yuanming Li, Linsen Dong, Meng Shen, Yong Luo, Guanyu Gao Nguyen Binh Duong Ta